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Massive Attack – “United Snakes” by United Visual Artists. Starts simple, then gets bonkers. I’ve gotta get deeper into Open Frameworks…


Rental property outside of Joshua Tree, CA that combines indoor/outdoor living (it is not enclosed from the elements). This would make for an interesting weekend – particularly under a new moon, since the stars up in the high desert can be pretty spectacular.

Available through Pretty Vacant Properties.

I’m not a tremendous gamer (with a few notable PS3 exceptions) – and I’ve tried a few games on the iPhone but end up losing interest rather quickly. Eliss, on the other hand, has me hooked. I won’t explain the point – it’s more fun to figure it out – and it should be noted that the vector-graphics design brings back fond memories of a childhood spent in arcades spending quarter after quarter on Tempest. Bonus points go to a suite of tools from that went into making this. Lovely.


Chris Bird and Matt Clark of United Visual Artists are lecturing for UCLA Design | Media Arts this coming Tuesday – February 10th at 6pm:

Broad Art Center
240 Charles E. Young Drive, Room 1250
LA, 90095
(more info)

Hit me up on the email if you’re thinking of going and want to meet. This should be pretty cool.


Long-gone signage for old Vegas hotels, re-worked for the investment banks.
Live on Stereohell.


Font Shop announced FontShuffle, a typeface catalog + search app for the iPhone. (It allows you to shuffle the options by shaking the phone.) The iPhone got a little more awesomer today.


Semiconductor Films has an incredible body of work. Magnetic Movie – a visualization of magnetism as described by NASA scientists – is one of my favorites.

Your iPhone wallpaper is boring. Get some free ones at Poolga, and hang with the cool kids.


From a new favorite, Monster Munch.

angels in the country.jpg

Yann Le Coroller is a designer/illustrator who’s done some gorgeous work in both motion and print, and you get the sense that some of his creatures should be sold in physical form as well.

Bonus: many of the stills on the site are available as desktop wallpapers. Collect them all!


I’m currently lusting over Erik Natzke’s generative work. These two reminded me of details from early Jackson Pollock, before the drip paintings.


Visualization of the first chapter of the 9/11 Commission Report.

Created at Many Eyes.


The nerd in me (which is most of me) is hugely in love with my Macbook Pro, but I love it even more with a phalanx of different wallpapers from the Desktop Wallpaper Project from Kitsune Noir.
They’re free and lovely, the way the best things usually are.


Word of the day – “Guilloches”, which are the geometric patterns typically found on money, diplomas and other official paper.

Ministry of Type has been busy plugging nasty looking formulas into the Mac application Grapher to create images like the one above, and there’s also Excentro as a stand alone app.

I’m now off to start my own currency.

via Kottke

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