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Massive Attack – “United Snakes” by United Visual Artists. Starts simple, then gets bonkers. I’ve gotta get deeper into Open Frameworks…


If you’ve got an iPhone, go check out QuadCamera by artandmobile. Honestly one of my favorite apps, although it’s killing me that it’s not running on iPhoneOS 3.0 yet. (An update has been submitted to Apple, and patience is wearing thin….)


I’ve been experimenting lately with fluid and smoke simulations in Softimage. The latest version of the software uses a tree-based system called ICE that allows the creation of very complex particle and deformation effects using a graphic interface.

The problem with creating fluids or smoke using particles is that it takes a tremendous amount of particles to create a realistic effect – into the millions – which results in an extra-ordinary amount of point data as well as requiring a fair amount of memory to simply render a single image. Computers keep getting faster, and we keep finding ways to push them to an absolute limit…

Considering this, it makes this spot for Audi ever more impressive. Design and effects are by INFECTED, for the agency kempertrautmann/Hamberg.

Quite simply, this is insane + beautiful stuff. Additionally, the making of video is worth your time as well.


Font Shop announced FontShuffle, a typeface catalog + search app for the iPhone. (It allows you to shuffle the options by shaking the phone.) The iPhone got a little more awesomer today.

Search Flickr by color at Idée.

If you’re getting tired of the psychedelic light show that is your screen saver, give the soothing and free Wordclock a try.

Number 70: Your updater sucks. Make it, perhaps, suck less.

from Dear Adobe.

In Adobe’s defense, John Nack pulls the curtain back a bit.


Out of all the applications on my iPhone, Starmap is the one that provokes the most wonder. There’s something truly amazing about looking at the stars with a small database of the sky in front of you, then realizing that the light from one particular star has been traveling 250000 light years to reach your eyeballs. Best $10. app I’ve ever bought by far.

Spore is finally out today, after years of work. You should buy it because it’s cool, and because I directed the main titles to the game along with a documentary “The Making of Spore” that comes with the extra-fancy “Galactic Edition”.


Word of the day – “Guilloches”, which are the geometric patterns typically found on money, diplomas and other official paper.

Ministry of Type has been busy plugging nasty looking formulas into the Mac application Grapher to create images like the one above, and there’s also Excentro as a stand alone app.

I’m now off to start my own currency.

via Kottke

The first in what will likely be a series of ultra-specialized graphic apps, iStache will put your choice of moustache on any picture you feed it. For example:

moustache test

(Sorry Neil)

Here you go (only for OS X): iStache (link found on Daring Fireball.)

You can get Shake (Apple’s pro compositing software) for $499. now, down from $2999.

The catch – it seems like they’re either doing a MAJOR overhaul, or coming out with a completely different compositing software in the future, as they’re notified people on maintenance contracts (us) that they’ll either refund the remaining time on the contract, maintain simple email support if we keep the contract, or we can buy the source code (and a 5000-seat license) for $50K. In the email from Apple, they state “no further software updates are planned as we begin work on the next generation of Shake compositing software”. My guess: a ground-up re-write, and they don’t want to induce that potentially big change (and the time it will take to create) on the pro users, since it will likely disrupt post-production pipelines.

It’s not the easiest software to use – steep learning curve – but tree-based compositors like Shake are the best way to learn and understand compositing. At $499., even if it is dead-end software, it’s a really good app. We use it every day. Shake

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