NBA Finals

Nuke / Houdini / Design

This is a combination of two separate NBA Finals projects, a couple of years apart. The first is a mix of black and white photos and footage with elegant typography, set to Kendrick Lamar's "HUMBLE". The opening to the finals featured a live-action shoot of Kendrick interspersed with historic NBA moments. The second project occurred during lockdown and in the midst of the BLM protests occurring around the nation. Jamie Foxx, Angela Bassett and Questlove starred in the opening, shot on green screen on three different shoots. During COVID lockdowns, the NBA Finals and Championship were being played - without fans - in Orlando. We sent a team to shoot textures as well as complete a LIDAR scan at the arena in Florida, then rebuilt the arena in Houdini, using the massive LED screens that took the place of the grandstands to surround the hosts with stills and other content.

Produced by: ABC/ESPN